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International Customers

Being based in the UK doesn’t mean that we don’t work with the rest of the world. We have clients ranging from individuals to fleet operators worldwide.

We try to make life easy for our international customers and can help by organising the incoming and outgoing freight and deal with the VAT and duty paperwork. We have excellent relationships with a number of trusted freight and courier companies and can cover anywhere in the world providing shipping quotes within 24 hours.
We are able to provide invoices in GBP, USD or EUR and have bank accounts in these currencies to mitigate any exchange rate differences.

We have also travelled through Europe and the Middle East to rectify propeller related defects, whether on-wing or in-location and have provided NDT services, saving on the cost and time of shipping back to the UK. This is especially relevant to our customers who are larger operators of King Airs, Cessna 208’s and PC12’s. Whether it is simply a de-ice boot replacement or something more complex we can assist.

Propellers for overhaul and return from outside the UK

For all propellers / parts being shipped to us from outside the UK you will be required you to provide a Customs Invoice. The Customs Invoice details information necessary to facilitate Customs clearance of goods entering the UK.

Customs Invoice – Details required

Headed Notepaper (where possible) including your full address details and EORI Number

Brinkley Aerospace Address, and EORI Number:
Brinkley Aerospace
Unit 1, Montgomery Way,
Stratton Business Park,
SG18 8UB

BPSL EORI Number: GB915958387000
Reason shown as “Temporary export for repair/overhaul and return””
Full propeller description, part number and serial number where possible.
Country of original manufacture
Customs Procedure Code: 51000000
Commodity Code: 8803100090.
Declared and evidenced value of each item, with currency
Gross Weight, Net Weight & Dimensions of crates.
Incoterm (Usually DAP)

Your shipper should contact for Customs clearance instructions.

If you are using your own driver to ship to us, you will need to make local export Customs clearance arrangements with your Customs office. They will require a Customs Invoice, usually at least 24 hours’ notice and vehicle / driver details. You will also need to contact us to arrange Import Clearance in advance.

We will follow up with your shipper to obtain C88 / proof of Import to the UK. Without this, additional charges for Import Duty will apply.
For further information, please contact:

For shipping quote, email us at supplying box weights, dimensions, and full address / contact details.

Accreditations / Approvals

We are approved by the FAA, EASA, TCCA and DGCA of Indonesia, please click on either logo below to open the approval certificate pdf in a new window.


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Civil Aviation Authority

MT Propeller

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